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Accessing Student's NYC Schools Account. See test scores, grades, attendance and more...

If you are looking for your child’s grades, state test scores, attendance or bus schedule, you can find it on your NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) Letters with your student’s unique access codes to add your student to the NYC Schools Account were emailed last spring to all families who had not yet set up their child's account. You will need to add your student to the account to be able to access the grades and report card.

To Set Up a Basic NYC Schools Account and Receive Notifications from the DOE: You can create a basic account without an account creation code, but to link your student to the account, you'll need the code.

To Add A Student to your NYC Schools Account: To add a student to your account you will need your child's letter with the unique access code to set up the account. Letters were emailed last spring to all families in grades K-5 that had NOT yet set up their account. The system only generates letters for families who have not yet set up their account. Please do a search on all email accounts of both guardians for the child, the email was titled Important: Your Child's NYC Schools Account and ID.

If you did NOT receive an email with a letter last spring, it is very likely that you have already set up an account. Please see the FAQ's below on how to reset your password.

IMPORTANT: This is not the same system as the MySchools account that is used by the DOE to manage school applications and enrollment for middle school and other grades from Pre-K to High School.


I already have an account but I forgot my password.

If you have already created an account but forgot your password, please go to the NYCSA account page and click on “Forgot your password?”. Make sure you type in the correct email you think you might have used when you originally created your account.

I am still having trouble accessing my account

If you get a message saying “contact the school to reset your account”, or if you are having any other issues accessing your account, email Monica at

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