FAQs on Opting Out

  • How do I officially opt my child out of the state tests?

    • First let your child’s teacher know that you are thinking of opting your child out of the test(s).

    • A family member would then need to write a letter to Rebecca or Halee indicating that they are refusing to have their child take the upcoming NYS exams.  Please not that you can refuse to have your child take all or only specific exams so please be specific in your letter.

    • The letter needs to include your child’s name, class number and is signed by the family member.

  • What do students who are not taking the test do during the days of the test?

    • Students will be assigned to lower grade classrooms while testing is taking place.

    • Students will work on independent projects during this time.

    • Once the test is complete for that day they will return to their classrooms.

  • Why would my child need state tests? How can this impact the middle school admissions process?

    • NEW! This year, District 15 launched a plan to increase diversity in all D15 middle schools. There will now be an open admissions method with NO SCREENING and admissions priority for certain groups. ALL district middle schools in D15 will now use the open admissions method, meaning they will no longer screen or select students based on their academic records, This means that both report card grades and state test scores will no longer be a part of middle school admissions decisions.    

  • What is PS 29’s official position on testing and opting out?

    • We are required to administer the State exams.

    • It is a family’s decisions as to whether or not they want their child to take the exams.

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