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Enrichment @ 29

Through PTA and staff support, PS29 is able to offer students a wide variety

of enrichment opportunities through the school year, across all grade levels.

Read below to learn about many of our fantastic enrichment initiatives from recent years!



Wellness in the Schools (WITS) chefs visit PS29 regularly to lead students across all grades in seasonal culinary and nutrition workshops. The sessions introduce students to the importance of healthy eating and seasonal ingredients, inspiring them to share their newly acquired knowledge with their families.


Chess with Mr. Nick

Second and third graders have the opportunity to learn and play chess together during a 15-week collaboration with long-time chess teacher, Nick Chatzilias. 

Bent on Learning

PreK and Kindergarten students are participating in a yoga and mindfulness collaboration with the nonprofit organization Bent on Learning. Bent on Learning believes in teaching children to use their body and mind to learn and live better!



5th Graders participate in a 6-week STEM Lab collaboration with Ms. Sperry, visiting the Library Media Center for an additional period each week to explore STEM centers and challenge activities including littleBits electronic invention kits, Makey Makey invention kits, Dash + Dot robotices, Lego Robotics, engineering design challenges, and more!

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