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Our Values 

PS 29 is a neighborhood school that welcomes and strives to see and include every child and family in our diverse Brooklyn community.  We believe that all of our children bring unique strengths and identities to their classrooms, and we work to affirm and empower every student academically, socially, and emotionally. Academically, we value student choice, agency, and providing rigorous learning opportunities that offer access for all. Through our PS 29 Code for Living, we teach students that respect, responsibility, empathy and integrity are essential to becoming good citizens of our community, city, country and world.  Social justice, equity, and anti-racist, anti-bias work are critically important to us; we recognize that we can’t change the world until we change ourselves, and to that end we continue to work toward uncovering implicit bias, dismantling systemic inequities, and examining both the past and the present with an equity lens.


Our Approach

PS 29 students are readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, musicians, artists, and makers. Across the subject areas, our teaching builds from what students know and understand, and incorporates opportunities for enrichment, real-world application, inquiry as well as explicit and coherent instruction that develops from one grade to the next. We value our students’ creativity, encourage flexible thinking, and empower students to make their own choices about what they read, what they write about, and how they solve problems.

Enrichment opportunities abound at PS 29, including chess, STEM, dance, theater, yoga, running team, newspaper club, and many more. Our science teachers use our school’s garden to engage students in learning about where food comes from and other important concepts related to sustainability.  Affinity groups in 4th and 5th grade offer students with historically marginalized identities the chance to find community, as well as to plan schoolwide actions that support equity and inclusion. Allyship circles provide a space for all students to learn how they can be allies to their peers. 

Our values and approach foster development of the whole child - through a balance of academics, enrichment, self-expression, restorative practices and our commitment to social-emotional development.

Principal's Welcome

Dr. Rebecca Fagin, principal

One of our greatest assets at P.S. 29 is our extraordinary community. Our staff and families have an invaluable partnership that allows us to leverage the collective talent, skills, compassion, and drive - all of which makes our school so exceptional. We are so thankful for the support of our dedicated PTA because they have helped make our vision at P.S. 29 a reality.


Professionally, we pride ourselves on the strength of our curriculum and instruction which is supported by partnerships with TCRWP and Math Collective. Our professional community continues to thoughtfully select organizations that will support us with furthering our ongoing goals and initiatives. Please take the time to explore the academic and enrichment sections of our website to better understand our programs and initiatives.


We believe diverse classroom are the best classrooms and continue to prioritize inclusive practices through our work with organizations such as Raising Race Conscious Children, GoldMansour & Rutherford, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and more.

It is our fundamental belief that each and every child ought to find school a place to thrive, be successful and feel a deep sense of joy.

Dr. Rebecca Fagin, Principal

Meet Our Assistant Principals

Dawn Pender
Halee Hochman

Dawn Pender

Assistant Principal

Halee Hochman

Assistant Principal

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