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Welcome New Families!
Registration Information

We are so happy to welcome you to the PS 29 community! 

There's quite a lot of paperwork involved in the registration process,

so we're sharing some resources below to help walk you through it all! 


Please note that only families with a confirmed seat and scheduled registration appointment at PS29 should complete the following documents. Please visit the PreK, Kindergarten or Grades 1-5 Admissions pages for more information on our admissions processes. 

Step 1:

PS 29 staff will contact you to schedule your registration appointment. 

Step 2: 

Please print a copy of this checklist to help you gather and organize everything you need for registration. 

Step 3: 

You can find all of the registration documents, in multiple languages, at this NYCDOE webpage. You may not need every one of these documents - the checklist above explains which forms are REQUIRED for everyone and those that are OPTIONAL, depending on your own unique family circumstances. 


If you are unable to complete and print the forms prior to your scheduled appointment, we will have blank forms available in the main office. Completing forms ahead of time speeds up the process for everyone, but we understand this is not always possible! 


Step 4: 

Please bring your checklist and completed forms with you to your registration appointment, along with your acceptable Proof of Address, Proof of Age and Immunization documents. We can make copies of those documents for you here in the office if you are not able to bring copies.  

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