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The School Leadership Team (SLT) is the primary school-based vehicle for parents to work with teachers and the Principal to establish school priorities, ensure that the budget is aligned with those priorities, and evaluate our school’s progress.

Six elected parent members and an equal number of teachers comprise the SLT. Through active participation on the SLT and its various sub-committees, members have the opportunity to directly influence how the school operates. The Principal, PTA President/Co-President and UFT Chapter Leader, or their designees, are core members of the the SLT.

The SLT develops the Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) that sets annual goals for the school in all areas and sets up systems to measure achievement of those goals.

Please refer to the SLT Bylaws if you would like to learn more about areas such as:

  • the SLT mission statement

  • a deeper understanding of the role of the SLT and the of SLT members

  • the decision-making process followed by the SLT

  • how SLT meetings are conducted

SLT is mandated to meet once a month at PS 29, and members are also asked to join at least one SLT sub-committee. SLT Meetings are generally the third Thursday of the month in the evening. Please see the monthly school calendar for more details. All parents and teachers are welcome to attend. Parents who have questions or suggestions for the SLT but cannot attend a meeting may email the SLT or contact any member.


2023-2024 SLT meeting dates:

  • Thursday, September 21st

  • Thursday, October 19th

  • Thursday, November 16th

  • Thursday, December 14th

  • Thursday, January 18th

  • Thursday, February 15th

  • Thursday, March 14th

  • Thursday, April 18th

  • Thursday, May 16th

  • Thursday, June 13th


All meetings start at 4:40pm in Room 232 at PS 29. 

If you'd like to join a meeting or you would like more information about SLT, please reach out at

PS 29 SLT members for 2023-2024 include: 

Teachers and Staff:

Rebecca Fagin

Halee Hochman

Nancy Henry 

Susannah Sperry

Elisabeth Stephens

Sara Thorne 


Mariam Furmanau

Dinah Herrity

Blair Hirst

Elizabeth Milch

Doris Ho-Kane

Donalda Chumney

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