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Thank you for your interest in PS 29!


We are a zoned school that is also taking part in the D15 Diversity in Admissions (DIA) initiative.  If you are not sure whether you live in our zone, please refer to this zone map. Learn more about the DIA initiative here.

Please visit the NYC DOE website for more information about the Pre-K Admissions Process and Kindergarten Admissions Process.

If you would like to inquire about admissions for a student in 1st-5th grade, please visit our Grades 1-5 Admissions page.

Address Verification Policy

We are extremely conscientious and strict about address verification. Your zoned school is where your child’s PRIMARY residence is located. This may NOT be an apartment you own/rent but do not reside in at the time of application/registration, nor can this be your place of employment. This may not be not a temporary apartment you have rented for a few months with the intention of registering your child at PS 29. These are all prohibited by Chancellor’s Regulations. We are scrupulous in address verification due to the fact that over the last few years we have had many more applicants than seats available and we must retain the integrity of the process for legitimately zoned families. We retain the right to do address investigations and abide by the results of those investigations.


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