PreK Admissions

PreK Assignments for the 2022-2023 school year have been shared with families through their MySchools accounts. 


If you have received an offer to PS 29 through your MySchools account, please follow these steps to complete your registration:

  • Step 1: Please log into your MySchools account and select “accept” in the drop down menu next to your offer or call the school at (718) 330-9277, ext. 0

 The due date to accept your offer is June 17th.

  • Step 2: Please sign up for a date to come to PS 29 to complete your registration paperwork. Only sign up for a slot if you have already accepted your offer in your MySchools account.

    • Please review this list of Registration Documents that you need to have with you at the time of registration.

    • In order to save time, you can complete your registration paperwork in advance of the registration meeting. Registration paperwork can be accessed here. (If you are unable to print from home, packets are available at the PS 29 security desk just inside the main entrance.) Please remember to also complete your Family Info Form.

    • Please arrive to your appointment a few minutes early to check in at our security desk. You will need a completed health screening and proof of vaccination.

    • While your child is not required to be there for registration, we do welcome the opportunity for your soon-to-be kindergartener to be inside the building!

  • Step 3: During your registration appointment, you will sign up for a meet and greet, which will be held on June 7th and 13th (you'll attend one date only). This will be an opportunity for members of our Admin and PreK teams to spend some time with your children, and give them a chance to play together while we answer questions from families. 

If you did not receive an assignment to PS 29, please visit the NYC DOE School Enrollment page.


Thank you for your interest in PS 29, we are a zoned school.  If you are not sure whether you live in our zone, the quickest way to find out is to visit this link.


The deadline to apply for the 2022-2023 school year was Friday, March 18.

PreK offers were already released to families. 

In New York City, children begin pre-K in the calendar year they turn four.  To find out more about Pre-K applications please visit the DOE Pre-K page During the application period, you can apply online or by phone.


Here's what you can do now to find out more about Pre-K: 

If you are applying to PS 29 Pre-K, here are some things to consider:


PS 29’s Pre-K Program only has 36 seats, in the past few years all seats have been filled by zoned siblings.  We encourage families to include other pre-k programs in their application.  

PS 29 Rezoning Information

Rezoning Information: Please note that there is rezoning for PS 29 that will go into effect for the 2022-23 school year.   Here is a link to the zone map, with details of seats prioritized for vulnerable student populations and impact on current families living in rezoned areas.

Parents can learn about the work of the PAR by visiting the District 15 Rezoning Participatory Action Research website.   You can view a recording of the PAR presentation to the CEC on Nov 17th on YouTube.  The presentation begins at 1:12:47.

For more information or to offer comments on this proposal please contact or the Community Education Council D15 at


Information for Families Who Have Recently Moved to the PS 29 Zone


Need a Pre-K Placement Now? 

Email for assistance in finding a program with an available seat near you.