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Transcript Requests &
Letters of Recommendation

If you are planning to apply to a private school(s), which require you to send academic records and letters of recommendation, please do the following: 


  • Complete the private school’s transcript/school records request. This request is specific to each school you are applying to and will tell you (the parent) what documents the private school(s) need from PS29 to accompany each application.  

  • Print and complete the PS29 Requesting Records Overview. This overview will tell PS29 what schools you are applying to and give us specific information needed to submit the records. If you need a hard copy of this document backpacked home, please contact us.

  • Attach the Requesting Records Overview to the private school request(s) and return it to the box at the security desk at least 2 weeks in advance of the due date.    

  • The private school’s transcript/school records request will be sent directly to the school(s) via fax, or email.    

    • For records to be faxed or emailed, be sure to include the fax number and email address on the Requesting RecordsOverview  



  • If the private school is requesting letters of recommendations or to complete a recommendation through RAVENNA, you must first reach out to the teacher directly to confirm that they are able to write the recommendation. You MUST allow the teacher a minimum of 14 days to complete the recommendation.   

    • Please note that the PS29 administration does not typically complete recommendations for students. Present and past classroom teachers have a deeper understanding and knowledge of a student’s academic and social emotional characteristics.   


    • Your request for recommendation letters MUST be submitted at least 14 days before the due date.

    • Your requests for records MUST be submitted at least 14 days before the due date and will be sent to the schools within 2 weeks of receipt.  

    • PS29 School records will be faxed or emailed. 

    • Please be sure to follow up with each Private School to ensure that the documents have been received. 


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