Commitment to Equity @ PS 29

At P.S. 29, we are committed to being an anti-bias/anti-racist (ABAR) school community. We believe that personal ABAR work is the bedrock of equity work. ​ To that end, we must:  


  • Center the humanity and liberation of Black Indigenous  & People Of Color (BIPOC) in our ABAR work. 

  • Educate ourselves on anti-bias/anti-racist practices collectively as a school and as individuals.

  • Examine ourselves and the ways in which our beliefs and actions uphold and perpetuate the system of white supremacy.

  • Understand personal privilege and how to use it to fight with and amplify the voices of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Neurodivergents and other marginalized groups.

  • Facilitate dialogue with our students in the classrooms and families at home on race & racism, bias, equity and social justice.

Our PS 29 Equity Team (formerly The IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity for All) Committee) serves as the anchor of our anti-bias/anti-racism work. This is a dedicated a group of staff members that guide & support the school community in anti-racist/anti-bias work.  Please read more about the work the PS 29 Equity team has done down below and visit the PS29 Equity Team page to learn more and access resources.