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Technology + Media Literacy @ 29

Susannah Sperry teaches library, technology and media literacy at PS 29. She has been a teacher with the NYCDOE since September 2001. Ms. Sperry began as a classroom teacher for 5 years, teaching first, third and fourth grades, before moving to the specialist position. In addition to teaching specialty classes, Ms. Sperry also leads cycles of collaborations with different grades during the school year, including Maker Space and STEM Lab, and teaches after school courses for PS29+.  She is also the Technology Coordinator and Data Specialist for PS 29. 

Ms. Sperry's vision for the Technology + Media Literacy program is to foster a community of learning that promotes computer science understanding and skills as well as digital and media literacy. She believes in the importance of empowering students to become independent digital citizens, with the ability to thoughtfully and responsibly access, analyze and create media. In addition to having the opportunity to borrow books from the library weekly, students will be working to:

  • practice proper typing skills to build speed and accuracy

  • learn to navigate both iPads and computers

  • navigate and search the web

  • effectively use educational websites

  • learn about HOW computers work

  • learn to use Google apps, including Google Classroom, Drive, Docs, and Slides

  • learn computer science fundamentals, including block-based computer programming

  • put coding skills to use by programming robots

  • learn and practice important media literacy skills, such as evaluating the reliability of media, recognizing fake news, and avoiding online scams

  • learn about digital citizenship and practice online safety skills through scenarios and classroom discussion

  • learn to use technology tools for creative purposes - such as 3D design and digital music production

  • participate in hands-on STEM activities and challenges

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