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STEM Fun in Lower Grade Classrooms!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines offer so many opportunities for students to experience the joy of inquiry, problem-solving and open-ended challenges. Library Media Literacy teacher Susannah Sperry and Math Coach Kim Van Duzer recently collaborated to curate a collection of STEM choice time centers for PS 29 students, and throughout the months of November and December students are getting a chance to dig into these fun and brain-growing challenges!

Ms. Van Duzer has launched STEM Choice Time in several K, 1 and 2 classes, with more to come in future weeks. Students have been building their own vehicles using recycled materials, creating structures with straws and connectors (one group of 1st grade students decided to recreate the Brooklyn Bridge), playing reasoning and strategy games like Qwirkle Cube and Tiny Polka Dot, and much more. After each STEM choice time, students are invited to discuss the problems they encountered, how they came to solve them, and the element of teamwork that played a role in making their time enjoyable and productive.

In future months, STEM choice time will be introduced in upper grade classrooms. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos of PS 29 students feeling the joy of STEM!


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