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Schools are Closed, Distance Learning Coming Soon

Dear Families, At this time, P.S. 29 and all NYC public schools have been officially closed until April 20th.  This has been an emotional roller coaster for all of us, and I want you to know that I have been sharing this unbelievable journey with you. These are challenging times and will continue to be in the days and weeks ahead.  There are many details that are still unfolding, but what I do know right now is that our staff will be reporting to school on Tuesday, 3/17 through Thursday, 3/19 to continue to develop our Distance Learning Plan. While the DoE will be sharing their own updates, we will be in constant communication with you to share details about this remote learning process as they become clearer to us. This week we will continue to assess our students' access to technology in order to ensure that all students have the ability to engage in remote learning. Likewise, we will be sharing the DoE's plan for serving breakfast and lunch to those who rely on our school's meals. Please be safe and take good care of yourselves and your beloved children whom we will miss dearly.  Stay tuned and in touch. I'll send updates as they come. Warmly, Rebecca

UPDATE: If you are looking for learning materials to begin your children's at-home learning experience this week, before the official DOE resources are in place on March 23, please visit for a variety of great online learning resources. We are hoping to share more info about our own PS29 plans via email tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that message.


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