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PS29 Post: Quarantine Edition!

The Newspaper Club is excited to present a very special, full color, digital edition of The 29 Post!

This issue is unprecedented, like so much else that has transpired since COVID-19 sent P.S. 29 students home to shelter-in-place. We were close to finishing our second print issue of the year when New York City schools were closed. The kids had put together a stellar collection of reports, articles and interviews documenting life at P.S. 29. Sadly, much of that work reported on school events and projects that were subsequently wrecked by Corona. We were also planning a literary supplement and had just started gathering student poetry, fiction, reviews and essays.  At first, we hoped we’d be able to reconvene and with some tweaks publish the material as we’d planned. As weeks turned into months, we decided to embark on a remotely-assembled hybrid issue. We knew it would be hard to coordinate remotely, and it was. But we’re so grateful to numerous parents and student reporters who refused to let quarantine hinder their work. The result is this special, one-time only digital edition of The 29 Post. The issue features a melange of articles written back in January and February some creative work we’d originally planned for our literary project and some new reporting from quarantine designed to give a sense of the scope and meaning of the time we’ve lived through. We hope it helps everyone remember what’s so special about P.S. 29. 


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