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Updated: May 2, 2023

Hello PS29 Families, Here are a few reminders about the upcoming Benefit & Auction - our biggest fundraiser of the year:

  1. Benefit & Auction Party early bird tickets are available through April 16th for $110 a ticket. Starting April 17th, tickets will cost $130 each. Please buy early to secure your spot as the venue has a limited capacity. Only 98 tickets remain.

  2. Raffle ticket sales for a dinner for 6 with Gail Simmons and Chef Sal at Cafe Spaghetti are on sale until 4pm on May 11th. Only 250 raffle tickets will be sold; one winner can bring up to 5 guests. [As a note for those of you who have not attended the event in the past, dinner with Gail has been a Live Auction item over the past several Gala & Auction events. This is the first year this item is available as a raffle with a chance to win at a much lower price than in the Live Auction.]

  3. We are in need of at least 60 more donation items to make this a successful fundraiser for PS29. If you are a member, frequent client or employee of a local business, please consider requesting a donation item for the Auction. If you have a weekend home; access to concerts, sports and backstage tickets; or a special skill to share, please consider donating to the Auction.

*Our goal for the Benefit & Auction is $75,000 to fulfill our overall PTA fundraising goals.* Funds raised go towards Fund 29 to help provide program support for core and specialty classes; enrichment programs; professional development for teachers and staff; building, garden & schoolyard maintenance; and so much more! With less than two months left in the school year, please help us meet our fundraising goals.

Feel free to reach the team at for any questions or suggestions.

With Gratitude,

Benefit & Auction Committee


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