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PS 29 Beach Clean Up Collected over 2,000 Pieces of Plastic!

On Sunday, April 7th, about 100 29ers, students, siblings and parents, collected over 200 pounds of trash off the beach of Coney Island!  We collected over 2,000 pieces of plastic.  The top four items collected were bottle caps, cigarette butts, straws and plastic bags.  

This week, to help raise awareness about plastic in the ocean, our school is launching our second plastic challenge. Can you refuse one piece a plastic for a day, a week or a month? 

Finally, one of the most asked question we get from students is “How does plastic get in the ocean?”  Here is a link to a video you can watch with your child to help explain how storm water carries trash and impact the ocean.  

Big thanks to Ms. Reres and Ms. Tiso for leading this important work!

Families gathered at Coney Island boardwalk for beach clean up.


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