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Join the Newspaper Club!

Dear Fourth and Fifth Grade Families,

We’re excited to announce the start of the 2019-20 PS 29 Newspaper Club. The seventh year of publication of the 29 Post will begin with a general meeting for all Newspaper Club members in the auditorium on Wednesday, October 16. 

If your child wants to participate, s/he needs to commit to making it in at 7:45am at least once a week. With a large club, it's critical that we use our limited time productively.  Toward that end, we’re asking for applications from every student who wants to participate. These applications, due on October 11, will be distributed in hard copy to the students by their teachers. We're also including one at the bottom of this email. 

The club meets twice a week on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 7:45am in the school library. All fourth and fifth graders are eligible. The fifth graders will generally meet regularly on Wednesdays and the fourth graders on Thursdays. We're also looking for some fifth grade mentors who can come in both days and there may be times, depending on deadlines and scheduling, when we’ll invite kids to come twice in a given week. Students need to be motivated, inquisitive and enthusiastic about helping creatively to capture the spirit of life at PS 29. 

Meeting regularly before school with parent volunteers and faculty adviser/5th grade teacher, Elisabeth Stephens, students will publish a print newspaper, create digital media and produce podcasts as they are introduced to aspects of media production including reporting, editing, layout, headline-writing, blog producing, data visualization and podcasting. Generally, the idea is to amplify student voice. We're very collaborative. We also enjoy parties and field trips.

We recognize that it’s not easy or possible for all students to participate given the early morning schedule. We will be including occasional lunchtime or after-school opportunities as a way to include more student voices. Further, if it’s too tough right now to commit to the early morning session, there will be another opportunity to join Newspaper Club anew in January after the holiday break. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email Peter  

Thank you!

Dr. Rebecca Fagin, Elisabeth Stephens, Peter Rothberg ************************************************** PS 29 Newspaper Club 2019-20 Application

  1. Tell us in approximately 100 words why you want to be in Newspaper Club. 

  2. List one article idea--something you might like to write about for the 29 Post this year.

  3. Let us know why you think it’s an interesting story, and what sort of research or interviews you might do for the article. 

  4. Please list at least one parent’s email address and phone number. 

You can submit the application in two ways:

email your answers to OR use the reverse side of this page to complete the assignment and give it to your teacher.

We must receive the completed application by the deadline of Friday, October 11. 

Please make sure to include your name and class on your application.


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