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Fractions Parent Workshops with Ms. Van Duzer, for grade 3

It's fractions season in our upper grade classrooms!

It's fractions season in our 3rd grade classrooms! But what is a "fractional unit"? Why is "2 out of 3" not a good way to describe the fraction 2/3? Where do fractions live on the number line, and why is that important?

In this session, 3rd grade teacher Sara Thorne and math coach Kim Van Duzer will walk you through the models, language and concepts surrounding fractions in 3rd grade math.  We'll offer suggestions for ways to approach fractions concepts with your child, and spend some time doing sample assignments and clarifying understandings.

Grade 3 workshop: Tuesday, March 10th, 8:35-9:15 am, PS 29 Cafeteria

Please RSVP here if you would like to attend, or email with questions.


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