Physical Education @ 29

Kathy Nobles is a licensed elementary Physical Education teacher with over 25 years teaching experience. Kathy believes in the importance of helping children understand WHY they are stretching their muscles and moving their bodies in physical education! Her goal is to teach kids to get their heart rates UP to build physical health. Kathy's philosophy is to expose children to a wide variety of physical activities in order for children to find what they enjoy for lifelong health. She hopes for children to develop a sense of awareness in moving their bodies, while doing something physical that they love. 

Units of study include activities like gymnastics, basketball, circus arts, floor hockey, cooperative activities and games, running and tag games, and yoga (just to name a few!) Kathy has partnered with STREB to lead a cherished grade 3 PE collaboration for many years. She also helps to lead the lunchtime running clubs for students in grades 3-5. 


In 2018, with Ms. Noble's efforts, PS29 received a floor hockey grant from the NY Islanders, which provided our PE program with awesome floor hockey equipment and jerseys for use during PE classes in grades 3-5!