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Music @ 29

Exciting things are happening on each grade level in the music room!  The music curriculum is a spiral where skills learned in Kindergarten stay with us and are built upon every year.  We use culturally responsive and culturally relevant musical examples from around the world to anchor our study of the following concepts:


Pre-K: Experience Music with our 5 Senses, Music for Social-Emotional Learning 


Kindergarten: The 4 Types of Voices, Vocal Exploration, Finding our Singing Voice, High & Low Sounds, Emerging Steady Beat


1st Grade: Steady Beat, Big Beat vs. Little Beat, Resting Tone, Introducing Pitch Recognition, Early Composition & Improvisation 


2nd Grade: Beat vs. Rhythm, Reading & Writing Rhythms in Duple Meter, Improvising with Rhythm, Identifying DO, MI & SOL


3rd Grade: Identifying LA, Melodic Composition, Beginner Ukulele


Music March Madness is a K-3 listening “tournament” that exposes students to popular music from diverse genres, eras, countries, and cultures.  This is a well-loved, community building music event that students look forward to year after year.  


Outside of school Ms. Fitzpatrick is an avid singer and performer.  She performs with a NYC-based chamber choir, Tapestry. She is first and foremost a jazz singer, but at this point in her life she performs mostly for herself and her family.  Ms. Fitzpatrick is also a huge fan of funk and hip-hop music; anything that makes you get up and dance.

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