Learning Support Committee

Did you know that 1 in 5 students at PS 29 receive special education services?

The Learning Support Committee is a group of parents and staff members dedicated to improving the special education program at PS 29, providing support for teachers and specialists, and serving as a resource for all PS 29 students and their families, both those with IEPs and 504s and those who may just be at the beginning of this journey with their child.

Our goals are:

  • To promote the values of inclusion and neurodiversity as part of the school culture.

  • To serve as a conduit for information about special education services to families  

  • To provide professional development and materials to all PS29 teachers in the area of special education.

We welcome new members!

If you have ideas or questions, please email us or join us at our next meeting.


  • Please join us for the first committee meeting: Thurs 10/4 at 8am

  • First coffee hour on Thursday, 10/11 after drop off in the cafeteria

  • INCLUDEnyc will present an Intro to Special Education Workshop in November and Understanding your Child’s IEP workshop in February

Teacher Chair: January Mark     Parent Chair: Michele Klatch and Elise Spector 

Please contact us at learningsupport@ps29bk.org if you are interested!