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  • What do the kids do when they are finished taking the exam? What happens in the class?  Once the student hands in the  exam, s/he can read quietly at their seat.

  • Who grades the test?  Teachers from elementary schools are assigned to score the constructed responses.  These teachers are trained and take a test before scoring students’ exams.  Those teachers who pass the test will then score specific questions and answers.  Teachers follow a rubric when scoring a student’s response.

  • When do parents get the results? And how? While we do not know the exact date, scores are usually released in August or September.  Parents should have access to their child’s score via NYCSA.  If parents need help accessing this site, they should reach out to our parent coordinator, Olivia.

  • What’s at stake for Middle School admissions? A few years ago, District 15 launched a plan to increase diversity in all D15 middle schools. An open admissions, lottery-based method with NO SCREENING is now used, with admissions priority for certain groups. ALL district middle schools in D15 will now use the open admissions method, meaning they will no longer screen or select students based on their academic records, This means that both report card grades and state test scores will no longer be a part of middle school admissions decisions.  Please connect directly with middle schools outside of D15 for their specific admissions policies.   

  • Are teachers permitted to give prompts to help children? What prompts are used?  Teachers are not able to give individual prompts to students.  Teachers can give the class general reminders but nothing specific.

  • Are teachers permitted to give clarification to students? It depends on what the student is asking. Teachers cannot answer questions related to the content of the exam passages or questions. They can clarify directions if necessary.

  • What about field test questions? Are they embedded in the tests?  The State has decreased stand-alone field testing.  There will be embedded field test questions in both the ELA and math exams. However, PS29 is sometimes chosen as a school for stand-alone field testing, on ADDITIONAL testing days (at separate times than the regular State exams). Just as with the regular State exams, you have the right to opt out of these stand-alone field tests - in recent years nearly every student has opted out of these additional/stand-alone field tests. 

  • Will kids see examples of the test questions? Yes, students have been exposed to passages, multiple choice questions, and constructed response questions in their classrooms as they get ready to take the exams.

  • What does Book 1 & 2 mean?   Students work in a book on each day of the test.  Book 1= Day 1; Book 2=Day 2

  • If a parent has issues with a test, are they able to see a copy of it? If so, how?  In the fall, if a parent would like to discuss their child’s test results they should contact Halee Hochman to set up a meeting.  Parents can view their child’s short and extended responses but do not have access to the multiple choice passages and questions.

  • How are the scaled scores decided?  The State makes this determination. This is not public information at this time.

  • Can children go through their book each day and recheck? Yes, students can go through their test books for that particular day until they’re ready to hand in the exam.  Once the test book is handed in they cannot ask for it back.

  • Will the test scores show on the school’s portal on the DOE site? Yes, test results are eventually displayed in the School Quality Snapshot under the Statistics and Budget tab on the DOE site.

  • What time of day are the tests given? Tests are given in the morning.  Exams begin at around 9 AM and no later than 9:15 AM.

  • Can kids take a bathroom break? Yes, of course.  If a student needs to use the bathroom, s/he should ask the teacher.

FAQs on State Testing

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