Education Action Committee

The Education Action Committee is a group of teachers and parents dedicated to fostering equity and advocating for progressive change in public education.


We oppose the corporate reform agenda, including trends like high-stakes testing, top-down standards-based reform, and the undermining of teacher tenure.


We believe it is imperative to address the profound inequality and segregation afflicting New York City schools.


Through community events, informational campaigns, and public advocacy, the EAC facilitates dialogue on these issues and encourages action for the public good within the PS 29 community and beyond.

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Teacher Chair: Sara Thorne

Parent Chair: Susannah Sperry


Photo: Julian McCaul

The CEC15 (Community Education Council for District 15) has recently shared some important information about this year's state testing. For further information on their position, please read:

CEC15 Resolution to Include Parents' Right to Opt Out of NYS Exams in the Parent's Bill of Rights

CEC15 Request to Waive NYS Exams for 2021 

CEC15 Resolution on State Test Suspension 

If you would like more information about opting your child out of this year's NY state exams, please visit our Opting Out page