Arts Committee

Teacher Contact: Kristen Adamczyk  Parent Contact: Jamie Mirabella


What We Do: Cuts in the city’s educational budget have ravaged music, art, and drama at many schools in recent years, but PS 29 has kept its arts programs strong. The arts committee plays a crucial supporting role, working with the school administration to incorporate arts instruction into the curriculum and school life.

The arts committee helps identify and support collaborations–programs with outside organizations that bring visual and performing arts into the school. Current collaborations include dance for 1st graders through the Brooklyn Arts Council, African dance and drumming for 3rd graders through the Brooklyn Academy of Music, ballroom dance for 4th graders through Dancing Classrooms, and band programs for 4th-graders and 5th-graders through the Brooklyn-Queens Conservatory of Music.

The committee also supports the arts teachers’ work. In recent years, it has helped with celebrations of the children’s work in music, drama, and visual arts, the creation of in-school murals with artists Max Miller and Pat Corrigan, a community mural, the 5th-grade production of “James and the Giant Peach,” and the children’s art auction. The arts committee also sponsors fundraisers for the arts and works with the grants committee to identify funding sources.


How to Help: Ideas for new ways to bring the arts into our children’s lives are always welcome! One of the committee’s most exciting new 2012-13 projects came from a parent with a link to an artist who brightened up the school with murals, which the children helped to paint. A few years ago, playwrights, poets and journalists launched a parent talent show that supported the arts. Photographers have come in to document kids’ arts projects for the PS 29 website. Specialty class parents are also crucial partners for the arts teachers.


To contribute thoughts or time, please come to an art-committee meeting, listed on the PTA calendar, contact our art teacher, Kristen Adamczyk, or parent contact, Jamie Mirabella.