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Amazon Associates

The PS29 PTA is excited to announce that we have joined the Amazon Associates Program. This means that when you access Amazon through our website, you can support PS29 at the same time!

IT’S EASY:  Simply click the Amazon ad to the left or on the Home page and shop as usual on the entire Amazon website. There are no special codes or checkout procedures. All you do is click the link, log into your account, and shop! 

You can use the link on your computer, tablet or phone. The Amazon Associates program gives us a percentage of sales, sometimes as much as 10% (!), depending on what category of merchandise you purchase. Many organizations can earn between $500 and $1000 a month because their members regularly use their Amazon Associates link.

• ORDER MATTERS: You need to click the link, shop, and check out, in that order. If you don’t click on our link first, go to Amazon in your usual way, put things in your cart, and then remember to click on the link and check out – your sale will not earn us funds. You have to click our link before you put anything in your cart.
• THE CLOCK MATTERS: You have 24 hours from when you click the link to put an item in your cart.  After that you will need to click the link again. If you click the link, put something in your cart within 24 hours, but don’t want to buy it right away, that is fine – the purchase will still earn us funds if you finalize it within 90 days: just remember to click the link before you checkout.
• ONE PURCHASE PER LINK SESSION: Arriving at Amazon through our link is good for 24 hours or until you place your order – after that, you need to click the link again. So if you click the link, complete a purchase, and then need to make another purchase – you have to click the link again in order for the purchase to earn us a commission.
• You won’t see anything that identifies you as a PS29 PTA shopper. Don’t worry – as long as you used the link and follow the order and clock guidelines, your purchase will count.

Thank you for your continued support! Feel free to send this to friends and family! They can shop through our link and raise money for PS29 too!  Please note that Amazon is not directly supporting the PS29 PTA.  They are simply giving us a referral fee for sending customers their way via our website.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact the PTA, Thank you!

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