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PS 29 Plus

PS29+ Spring 2018 Kids Club Enrollment and Wait List Period: January 10-19

The PS29+ After School Program is a fun, safe enriching experience for all PS29 students. Offerings include:

  • Kids Club – A scheduled, supervised aftercare program for PreK – 5th Graders with a snack, active play, games and homework help after 4:20pm. Available 1 to 5 days per week in two sessions each day: Early 2:50 – 4:20pm and Late 4:20 – 6:00pm.  Spring 2018 Kids Club begins Monday, February 5th for all grades. For details on registration, see below.
  • Courses – A wide range of enrichment courses for K – 5th Graders, taught by PS29 teachers and professional partners, covering a variety of interests. Courses are held once a week from 2:50 – 4:20pm and will run for 15 sessions (unless otherwise indicated in the Course Catalog).  Spring 2018 Courses will begin the week of Monday, February 5th.  The Course Catalog can be viewed by clicking here. IMPORTANT: Changes to Course Wait List Procedure – Please Read Instructions in Catalog.
  • Emergency Kids Club (EKC) – As-needed care available daily until 4:20pm or 5:50pm. Open to PreK-5.

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The Parent Portal allows you to manage your account, view your current schedule and fees, and add schedules.

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SPRING SEMESTER 2018: February 5 – June 22



Offered in two sessions each day, Early 2:50 – 4:20pm and Late 4:20 – 6:00pm

Enroll  Jan 10-19 with no registration fee! Enrollments after Jan 19 are $35 per family.

      • To enroll, log in to the PS29+ parent portal and select the Kids Club sessions you’d like.If your child will also be taking courses, please enroll in Kids Club for the days you require coverage. Once your course schedule is confirmed, your Kids Club schedule will be adjusted accordingly (Kids Club early sessions will be replaced by confirmed Course(s)).
      • Your Kids Club schedule is confirmed and the enrollment process is complete upon receipt of your confirmation email. Your child(ren) may begin attending Kids Club according to their schedule(s) on Monday, Feb 5. 
      • Kids Club enrollments/adjustments after the start of the term may be subject to a one-week waiting period before the new schedule can take take effect.


Courses begin the week of Monday, Feb 5 and run once a week for 15 sessions (excluding holidays), unless otherwise indicated in the course catalog. (Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and courses will run 15 sessions. Friday courses will run 14 sessions.)

      • Requests will be accepted through the PS29+ Spring Course Lottery Google Form between Jan 10-19. Course waitlists close end of day on Jan 19. Please fill out one form for each student.
      • All courses are on wait list status during the registration period. It is not first-come, first-served. When the registration period ends, wait lists are frozen until the lottery process is completed. While you can remove your child’s name from a wait list, students cannot be added to any wait lists after the lists have been frozen.
      • Family names are then randomized into the order in which students will be enrolled in courses. We will go down the list and during our “first pass,” we will allow one course enrollment per student. When we get to the end of the list, we will randomize the names again then go down the list allowing an additional enrollment per student, as spaces in courses remain available.
      • IMPORTANT! Please only wait list for courses you are truly interested in. For each day of the week, you can select a first choice option and a back up option. There is a field to enter special consideration requests such as same day sibling enrollment, priority of day(s) of the week, maximum number of Courses needed, etc. We will do our best to accommodate the requests. If back-up choices are not indicated, and preferences are not noted, we will make the course selection.
      • Click Here for PS29+ Spring Course Lottery Google Form
      • Enrollment notifications for confirmed courses will be sent via email from Jan 24 – 26. Your child is not signed up for a class unless you receive an email confirmation and the class is listed on the student’s schedule, which can be viewed through the Parent Portal.

Emergency Kids Club

Planning to use Emergency Kids Club? If you have an account, you’re all set. If not, create one now! There is no fee for EKC pre-registration.

          • To request EKC as needed, email with as much advance notice as possible, but no later than 2:00pm, on the day you require coverage. For same-day notifications after 2:00pm only, call the main office 718-330-9277.
          • EKC fees for registered families are $19 per session, and will be posted to your account.
          • For families who choose not to register, EKC fees are $24 per session. Guest fees due at pick up and must be paid by cash or check.


There are two PS29+ semesters: Fall (Sep 11 – Feb 2), and Spring (Feb 5 – Jun 22)

Billing Schedules

Families may choose one of the following payment schedules:

          • Monthly – Payment for the full term is divided into equal monthly installments. Fees are posted on the 15th of each month and charged two business days later.
          • Pay in Full – Families are charged all fees at the beginning of each semester and receive a 10% discount.

Kids Club Fees

Fees are the same for each month or each semester, regardless of number of active days.

          • For Monthly families, there will be five Kids Club payments (Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun).
          • For Pay In Full families, all Kids Club fees (except camp and EKC) for the entire term will be posted and charged in March.

Course Fees

          • For Monthly families, there will be four Course payments (Mar, Apr, May, Jun).
          • For Pay In Full families, the Course fee for the entire semester will be posted and charged in March.


Registration Fees

Registration fees are waived during the open enrollment period. Enrollments after this period incur a $35 fee.


Kids Club is offered in two sessions each day: Early 2:50 – 4:20pm and Late 4:20 – 6:00pm. Courses run for 15 sessions one day per week from 2:50 – 4:20pm.

          • Students are enrolled for Kids Club and Courses on specific days and the program is staffed accordingly. There are no refunds for no-shows and no “make-up” sessions. If your child attends on a day for which he/she is not enrolled, it is considered Emergency Kids Club and you will be billed accordingly.
          • Students who leave the school at 2:50pm dismissal may not return to attend Kids Club later that day.

Sibling Discount

Kids Club, EKC and Camp fees apply to the first child in each family. Additional students will receive a 25% discount. There is no sibling discount on Courses.

Late Pickups

Pick up is at 4:20pm or 6:00pm sharp (based on enrollment schedule). Late pickups will incur a fee, per the schedule below, which will be added to your next bill. Late fees are per family, not per child.

Any child picked up after 6:15 pm on more than two (2) occasions will no longer be able to participate in the PS29+ After School program.

Late Enrollments / Schedule Changes

Enrollments or schedule changes made after the cut-off dates will incur a $35 registration / change fee per family. Families who enroll for or make changes to Kids Club after the start of the term, but start before the 15th of the month will be charged the full monthly rate.  Families who enroll or make changes after the 15th of the month will be charged the standard day rate for each day of attendance. Kids Club enrollments/adjustments after the open registration period will be subject to a one-week waiting period before the new schedule can take take effect.

Withdrawals & Drop Fees / Refunds

Refunds for withdrawals from Kids Club after fees have been paid will be pro-rated and incur a $35 fee.

Withdrawals from Courses prior to the second session will not be charged the semester Course fee. Withdrawals after the second session will be charged 50% of the semester Course fee. After the third session, no refunds or credits will be granted and the full semester Course fee will be collected. Transfers to another Course are subject to availability.

Payment Methods & Billing Schedule

A credit card or bank draft information is required for registration and must be maintained on all PS29+ accounts.  If you cannot pay with one of these methods, please contact to arrange an alternative payment method.  Families may choose one of the following schedules:

  • Monthly – Fees will be posted monthly on the 15th of each month and charged two business days later.
  • Pay in Full – Family is charged once at the beginning of the semester and receives a 10% discount. Additional fees (EKC, Camps, etc.) are billed monthly as incurred and are not eligible for the 10% discount.

Late Payments

Families with declined cards or bank drafts will be notified via email and must update their accounts immediately. Accounts that are declined a second time will be charged a $35 late payment fee.

For families with special exceptions to pay by cash or check, payments are due in the PTA office by 5pm two business days after fees are posted. If not received by this date, a $35 late payment fee will be charged.

Financial Aid

To apply for a reduced rate based on demonstrated financial need, contact the Assistant Principal.


Effective September 8, 2016
All fees shown are based on the first child in each family and do not reflect sibling or pay-in-full discounts.

Per   Day

Per   Month

Per   Semester

Kids Club  
1 Session   per day

1 day per week



(2:50 – 4:20pm)

2 days per week



3 days per week



4 days per week



5 days per week



2 Sessions   per day

1 day per week



(2:50 – 6:00pm)

2 days per week



3 days per week



4 days per week



5 days per week



Courses (15 sessions)
External   Partners: Ezra, Cantanicka, Ready, Set, Chess,

The Leadership Program, RoboFun, Brooklyn Strategist

see catalog

see catalog

In-house   Courses



Emergency Kids Club
Per   Session (Registered)


Per   Session (Guest)


cash   or check only
Late Pick Up
6:01   – 6:05pm


6:06   – 6:10pm


6:11   – 6:15pm


Registration / Change Fee