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Buy Class Snacks, Support 29!

Use this Amazon wish list to purchase snacks for your

child's class - and PS29 will receive a portion of the profits.

Win - Win!

We know many parents already purchase their classroom snacks through Amazon, so if this method works best for you, please use the above link for quick and easy ordering of healthy snack choices for PS 29 classrooms! Through the Amazon Associates program, PS 29 will receive a percentage of sales, sometimes as much as 10% (!), depending on what category of merchandise you purchase. 


This list was made in cooperation with the PS29 Wellness Committee, which maintains a set of recommendations (see below). Please note, if you are purchasing non-perishable items that you plan to ship directly to your teacher, be sure to coordinate with your teacher to let them know the snacks are coming.


The items listed here are suggestions, not requirements or mandates. We recognize that the choices in snacks that families make are influenced by many factors. We have made an effort to consider both nutritional content and sustainability in packaging. It's also important that you be aware of any food allergies in your child's classroom.


As we try our best as a school community to eliminate the large amount of single use wrappers and plastics that come from snack time, we have included some paper and other compostable packaging on this list to assist in situations when individually packaged snacks are called for. Although bulk items and compostable packaging are preferred, there are some individually packaged items on the snack list to accommodate the needs of all families. Hopefully you can use this as a tool, together with your classroom teacher and your student, to make your best-fit choice about snack.  

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