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  • Monica Gutierrez Kirwan

WITS Labs at PS 29

“My kid probably won’t like something with curry in it.” Yes, I was surprised myself when I first saw the Curry Cauliflower Soup recipe used for this week’s Wellness in the School cooking lab. Elementary school kids and curry? Yes. Elementary school kids and curry! This week’s 1st through 3rd graders learned about how cauliflower grows and it’s nutritional value. They explored the five spices that make up curry, what broth is, and the meaning of the words sauté and garnish. They used their serrated knives to cut and were asked to take a “Thank You Bite” and, if the soup wasn’t their favorite to “please don’t  yuck my yum.” We made the most of our time together and at the conclusion my favorite question to ask was, “How many of you tried it, and we’re surprised you liked it because you thought you weren’t going to?” On average a third of the class raised hands. Here is a link 

to the Wellness in the Schools recipe section of the website. Explore it with you child and have him/her show you which recipes they have made over the years. The recipe for the Curry Cauliflower Soup* can be found here. 

Be Well- Chef Victoria *because the classes I taught were younger, I used only 1/2 Tbsp curry powder vs the 1 Tbsp the recipe calls for


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