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PS29 Equity Team

Mission & Belief

The PS 29 IDEA Committee is a group of staff & parents/caregivers designed to be a springboard to discuss & address issues of race, identity, equity and develop personal knowledge of anti-racist/anti-bias work.


Our Anti-Racist work is rooted in the belief that racial groups are equal and that racial inequality exists because of racist practices, policies and laws.  And we believe that personal anti-racist work is the bedrock of equity work. The IDEA Committee is to here to support the community in:

  • Centering the humanity and liberation of Black Indigenous People Of Color (BIPOC) in our anti-racist/anti-bias work 

  • Educating ourselves on anti-racist/anti-bias practices, collectively as a school and as individuals.

  • Examining ourselves and the ways in which our beliefs and actions uphold and perpetuate systems of white supremacy.

  • Having our anti-racist/anti-bias education be based in and led by BIPOC anti-racist/anti-bias scholars.

  • Facilitating dialogue with our students in the classrooms and families at home on racism, anti-blackness and social justice.

  • Understanding personal privilege and how to use it to fight with and amplify the voices of BIPOC and show up for Black liberation & Indigenous sovereignty.

Staff Roles

  • Guide the school community in anti-racist/anti-bias work

  • Develop and initiate an anti-racist/anti-bias lens to the curriculum

  • Work to address & reduce incidents of student-to-student bias

  • Work to increase the number of faculty from under-represented identities (i.e., race, ethnicity, gender)

  • Develop & initiate an anti-racist/anti-bias lens to policies, practices & norms

Parent/Caregiver Roles

  • Support parents/caregivers in the community in doing anti-racist/anti-bias work

  • Coordinate activism events in the school community

  • Facilitate school-wide art projects centered around anti-racist/anti-bias topics

  • Host FREE school-wide community events that everyone in the community can enjoy

Teacher Chair: Cara Turnbull    Parent Chair: Lauren Kesnor O'Brien

Please contact us at if you're interested!

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