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29 Post Blog: The Women’s March in New York

Protesters at the march. Photo by Dalia Mullens

Protesters at the march. Photo by Dalia Mullens

By Dalia Mullens (4-509)

On January 21, people from all around the world in many different countries marched in protest of the policies of U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

In New York City, it was so crowded that in about two hours, we could only get about three blocks. Everybody was carrying a sign. Even little kids! I saw a four- or five-year-old boy carrying a sign that said: I just miss Obama.

I usually don’t like crowds, but it was kind of fun, knowing that all the people around you shared the same opinion.

I marched with my family and a few P.S 29 teachers. I made a sign that looked like a dictionary page. One side said “Feminism,” and the definition, along the lines of: the doctrine advocating women’s rights as granted to men. The other side said “Equality,” and the definition, something on the lines of: the state or quality of being equal.


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