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Wellness in the Schools

Students enjoying a recent WITS Lab.

Students enjoying a recent WITS Lab.

By Pearl Nadaner (5-504)

The Wellness in the Schools (WITS) program has been a core part of P.S. 29’s enrichment programming for many years thanks in large part to parent, Victoria Baluk, who has spent countless hours volunteering to make WITS a reality at our school. The program promotes healthy eating and living. I asked her a few questions about the program,.

Q: Why is eating unhealthy foods so bad for you?
In the short-term, if you are eating unhealthy it makes you tired, you have trouble focusing on things, it makes you crabby because you’re just not feeling well. In the long-term eating healthy and getting physical activity can help fight off diseases and sickness and can keep you at a healthy weight which is good for your overall health and avoid health problems.

Q: What are some healthy foods that you want people to eat more?
Fruits and vegetables!!!!!!! A great way to think about is to “eat the rainbow” which means eating five different color fruits and vegetables each day. If you make sure that you eat different colors that means that you have a variety of nutrients and that is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Plus making a game out of it makes eating healthy fun.

Q: Why is keeping your bones healthy with food so important?
When you are growing, your bones have to be fed healthy foods because they are growing with you like the rest of your body and you need to strengthen your bones through the foods that you eat, when you are an adult you start to lose the density of your bones so you have to eat healthy to keep the strength of your bones because you’re losing the density.

Q: How has the food changed over the years in the cafeteria and the WITS Lab?
There are now foods that are less processed, we also have a fresh salad bar every day with a homemade dressing, there is now what’s called antibiotic organic cereals for breakfast and 100% beef burgers on burger day for lunch, School Food is paying more attention to labels and trying to make healthier choices for our kids.


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