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Meet Ms. Jodie!

photo: Claudia Rothberg

By Della Stern (5-504) and Claudia Rothberg (5-504)

Ms. Jodie Porcelli is the new drama teacher at P.S. 29. Ms. Jodie teaches pre-k through 5th grade at our school and she is directing the 5th grade play this year with some other teachers, such as Ms. Fitzpatrick, and Ms. Monica. In a neat coincidence, she knows former drama teacher, Ms. Mollie Lief. They went to graduate school together, and stayed friends when they both worked at Piper Theater.

Before she came to P.S. 29, she taught at many schools, including P.S. 169 for grades 3-5 in Sunset Park. She also taught theater for grades 9 and 12 at a high school in East New York. We are so excited to have Ms. Jodie working at our school!

Ms. Jodie loves being a drama teacher. She has been acting since she was 7 years old and she’s always liked being around the stage. “When I was in high school, I started directing younger kids in plays. That’s when I knew that I wanted to be a BOTH an actress and a drama teacher.”

Ms. Jodie’s favorite part of being a drama teacher is putting on plays. It is a lot of work for her at the beginning of the year to get everything ready and set up, but it’s a great way to end each year and to think about what was accomplished throughout the school year. She especially likes the first few days of a play’s production when everyone learns about the story. “I love comparing that to the end product.” She likes to look at all the kids and realize how hard they’ve worked and grown since day one. This year, she really wanted to do the play James and The Giant Peach because, as she told us, it’s imaginative with fun characters and a good message. The fifth-graders have started rehearsing and the play will take place in May.

But, everyone has to have a least favorite part of their job, right? Not Ms. Jodie! She told us that she honestly doesn’t have a least favorite part to being a drama teacher. For her, sometimes her job is a little hard, but “I find ways to overcome the challenges.”

One thing that she does when things get hard is ask herself, “What will make kids have the best experience?’’ That usually helps her. So we wondered, since Ms. Jodie loves being a drama teacher, what would she like to be doing if being a drama teacher wasn’t an option? She said that she might be an actress, but then again, there would be no directing and she would miss out on something she loves.

Some of Ms. Jodie’s favorite plays that she has put on include The Lion King and Grease. She is so proud and happy to see how far kids can come when they are work together.

Ms. Jodie is already a great part of our school! In addition to all her teaching, she’s directing the play, she oversaw the Winter Arts Festival, and she helps out with much, much more. If you see Ms. Jodie in the halls, say hello and give her a warm welcome to P.S. 29.


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