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PS 29 POST BLOG: Teachers’ Hidden Talents

Mr. Maniaci showing off his skills. Photo: Matea Salame

Mr. Maniaci showing off his skills. Photo: Matea Salame

By Gatsby Feather (5-505), Layla O’Keefe (5-527), Matea Salame (5-505) and Amelia Poor (5-500)

P.S. 29 teachers have different types of talents that only some people know about. We interviewed many teachers, and they can do a lot of cool things.  We interviewed Mr. Dan, who is an amazing juggler, and did you know that Mr. Maniaci is a DJ? Here’s what we learned:

Mr. Dan and Ms. Maria are Jugglers
Mr. Dan Turet says his juggling does not conflict with his teaching.  He says the kids love it and he does it as a reward when they are good. Ms. Maria is also a juggler; she even used to be a professional! Ms. Maria said when she finished college she moved to London and saw many professional jugglers who intrigued her and she soon pursed her newfound dream,  and became a professional juggler.  She was the first one in her family to  juggle. Once she tried to buy juggling balls for her brother, but wound up using them herself! Most of her students don’t know about her professional juggling past.

Mr. Maniaci is a DJ
He starred in his 20’s in college. He DJed for many big events: at P.S. 29 he DJed the gala and he has DJed the 5th grade dance too, aside from P.S. 29, he has DJed many weddings. He never mentions that he is a DJ in class. We interviewed Dagmar and Fletcher, both in his class and they said he doesn’t mention it.

Ms. Julie is an Oil Painter
Ms. Julie Neuberg does art in school for her students, like when she draws posters for different subjects.  She started oil painting in high school, and still does it every summer at her parents house in upstate New York.

Ms. Fitzpatrick is a Tap Dancer
Ms. Emma Fitzpatrick taught herself to tap dance in only three weeks.  She doesn’t get to tap dance as much because she is the music teacher. She misses it every once and awhile. But don’t you think it’s pretty awesome that she taught herself to tap dance in only three weeks!

Ms. Proud Plays Soccer
She played for a travel soccer team when she was in high school. She also played soccer when she was a kid but not on a travel team. She still gets to go out sometimes to kick a ball around. She doesn’t miss it that much because she still gets to play it with her friends.

Mr. Carver and Ms. Leah are Runners
Mr. Carver is a runner, he has run three marathons, including the New York City Marathon in 2013. He was also the captain for his high school sprinting team.  Ms. Leah has run a marathon and both of them have run many half-marathons but apparently not together.

Mr. Dylan was a Video Game Developer
He started video game developing in high school, but he got interested in it when he was 14. It doesn’t conflict with his teaching because he quit to come and teach at P.S. 29 and that’s now his major commitment. His favorite game is Tropico 2.

Ms. Rosenstein is a Singer
She told us she used to sing for some big events such as high school graduations. She was about 3 or 4 when she started singing. “I love to sing broadway songs.” She says that singing does not conflict with being a teacher.


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