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Art at PS 29!

September 2016

Dear Artists,

Welcome to Art! I am always so happy to start the new school year and make art!. We have an exciting school wide project that is happening right now! Students have been painting two Buddy Benches for our schoolyard. What’s a Buddy Bench? Check it out here, or ask your child.

The first day of art everyone worked on a collaborative collage tree, based on Kandinsky’s circles.  The artworks will be displayed in the cafeteria and main stairwell. If you want to check it out now…here is the PS 29 Art Blog 

Encourage creativity through boredom! When our children daydream creativity is sparked. In the following article boredom benefits are explained along with boredom activities…

Grade One – The life and work of artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo. Themes throughout the year include self, family and community.

Grade Two – Landscape vs. cityscape, showing distance and the horizon line. A year long theme of architecture to see how shapes fit into our urban landscape.

Grade Three – How art began, painting of walls- The Cave Paintings of Lascaux, France and Keith Haring. A year long theme of “Art Around the World.”

Grade Four – Symbolism in art beginning with the Tree of Life, followed by “Arts of the Native American People.”

Grade Five – How artists influence others, including politics. Throughout the year students will work on building higher level art skills, such as color theory, shading, volume and discussion of artworks.


Please send in baby wipes and paper towels. I do not have a sink in my classroom and must rely on these products for clean-up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, dearly!


Kristen Adamczyk, Art Teacher