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Special Education Committee

Teacher Contact: January Mark  Parent Contact: Paula Heitman


The Special Education Committee will be periodically posting information, meeting schedules and events concerning special education services at PS29. The goals of the  Special Education Committee are:

  • to work with the PTA and school administration to provide PS29 students and caregivers with information about special education services
  • to provide financial support to the special education teachers at PS29
  • to help provide professional development to all teachers in the area of Special Education, and
  • to help integrate special education into the PS29 community.

When the committee was formed it was able to provide a small amount of PTA funding to the Special education teachers so they could purchase material and resources for the classrooms. After subsequent meetings with the teachers and administration, we realized that the needs of children with special needs at PS 29 required a more organized and focused effort. We are working in tandem with the Dr. Fagin and her staff to make sure the committee’s efforts are focused and effective.

Students who are eligible for Special Education will meet the criteria for one or more disability classifications and will require approved special education services and programs. The special education services and programs are outlined in a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) — a legal document created by the members of the IEP team, which includes: parent(s), general education teacher, special education teacher, school psychologist, school social worker, district representative, and when appropriate related service providers and the student.

The IEP is updated at least once a year at the annual review meeting. The IEP outlines the student’s current skills as well as educational goals and what special education supports and services will be provided. Certain services, Related Services, are provided by Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Hearing Education teachers, Vision teachers and Counselors to name a few.

Special education needs in our student population are varied and express themselves in many different ways. There is an array of services available to support students who have IEP’s. The Following are special education programs that are currently available to students at PS 29:

  • Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)
    • SETSS is supplemental instruction provided by a special education teacher. This service helps students stay in the general education classroom while receiving services from a special education teacher.
  • Integrated Co-Teaching
    • ICT classrooms are available in each grade and include students with disabilities and students who are non-disabled, who are educated together with two teachers, a general education teacher and a special education teacher.
  • Special Class
    • Special Class is provided for children with disabilities in a self-contained classroom for any part of the school day. This setting is designed to serve children whose needs cannot be met within the general education classroom even with supplementary aides and services.

Some students who have IEPs need help in improving organization, social skills, articulation skills, reading, fine and gross motor, and other vital skills that will help them thrive in a rigorous academic environment. Related Services are intended to assist the student to meet the objectives of his or her instructional program; be involved in the general education curriculum; experience success in his or her classroom setting; and be educated with nondisabled peers. Sometimes these specific educational needs are identified before students come to the school and other times by school professionals and teachers during the school year.

We are looking to recruit one parent from each grade to act as a liaison to the committee for that grade. We encourage you to email the committee if you are interested or want related information posted on the Special education page.