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Parent’s Cooking Circle


Cooking Circle


What is Parents Cooking Circle? Parents Cooking Circle was started by parent coordinator Monica Gutierrez Kirwan as a community builder.  What could  be better than “breaking bread together” to learn from each other and continue nurturing our community? Along the way we are also creating the PS 29 Parents Cooking Circle recipe blog here.  We try to meet every month in the cafeteria where a volunteer PS 29 parent leads a cooking presentation and teaches us how to make a simple dish that can be made in under an hour.  At the end, we all share what was cooked and everyone leaves happy. The goal is to spotlight as many cultures of the world as we have at PS 29!  By “breaking bread together”, we continue to build this wonderful PS 29 community.

I hope you enjoy the recipes below!

Monica Gutierrez-Kirwan

November Parent’s Cooking Circle

This month, we begin with parent Antonia Morgan from Oaxaca, México. She has been teaching our Kindergarten students how to make tortillas for the last three years. Antonia will be teaching us how to make tortillas from scratch.  We will also learn how to make a fresh salsa de molcajete and Monica will be teaching how to make an hongo con epazote (mushrooms with garlic and epazote) filling for quesadillas made with mushrooms and garlic.

Antonia Making Tortillas at Parent’s Cooking Circle! from PS 29 Video on Vimeo.

Tortillas Recipe

Tortillas are an art, it is hard to only write one recipe as it is always better to see a demonstration.  This site is a great resource and comes as close to Antonia’s tortilla making as possible.  Click here to check it out!   These Kindergarteners learned how to make tortillas during Harvest Week and they took their knowledge home to their parents!

tortilla photo


December Parent’s Cooking Circle was Japchae from Korea

Parent Min O-Schneider delighted us with a demonstration of how to cook Japchae, a Korean noodle dish that is a BIG hit with both children and adults.  It was easy, healthy, fits right in to the Wellness-Eat-The-Rainbow challenge and is also affordable.  Give it a go, please find the recipe here and send us photos if you cooked it!  Everyone loved it, including Dr. Fagin!



January Parent’s Cooking Circle: Ribollita from Italy

This month, parent Victoria Baluk (and WITS lab instructor!) taught us how to make RibollitaRibollita (means “reboiled”) is a hearty Tuscan soup of vegetables, leftover bread, beans and tomatoes.  Great for New Year’s resolutions of eating healthier!  Truly a great winter soup to warm you up on those frigid nights! Here is our group of PS 29 parents savoring the delicious Ribollita soup that parent Victoria Baluk taught us how to make.

Here is the RibollitaRecipe