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Accessing your NYC Schools Account

Setting Up Your NYC Schools Account

A letter with your child’s unique access code was put into your child’s report card folder last June.  This letter is individually generated by the DOE and has your child’s name on it with their own access code.  Please find an FAQ section below to help you in accessing your child’s records.

FAQ about NYC Schools Account Access

What is NYC Schools Account? 

NYC Schools Account is the DOE’s system where you can access your child’s student profile (contact information on file) , attendance, grades, and in testing grades (3-5th grades) you can also access the state tests results.

How do I set the NYC Schools Account? 

You will need both your letter with your child’s access code AND your child’s student ID.  These are two different things, I know it sounds confusing.  The student ID is a nine digit number that will follow your child as long as they are in a public school, so make sure you write it and save it in a place with important records.  It is also written on your child’s report card. 

I did not receive the letter…

If you did not receive a letter in your child’s report card envelope, it means you have already set up an account with NYC Schools Account. If you did not set up an account yet, please contact Monica at and she will print your letter.

I set up an account but forgot my password…

If you set up your account but forgot your password, you can reset your password by going to and clicking on “forgot my password”.

You can find out more information about NYC Schools Account below.  and at this link


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