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Where Are They Now? Talking to Ms. Lief

Maisie at play in her new Los Angeles room.

Maisie at play in her new Los Angeles room.

By Della Stern (4-509) and Claudia Rothberg (4-507)

This past December, the P.S. 29 community learned the sad news that the school’s beloved drama teacher, Ms. Mollie Lief, would not be returning to her position in January upon completion of her maternity leave, as she had originally planned. In this debut installment of a new 29 Post feature, we asked Ms. Lief some questions, which she was nice enough to answer right away. 

How are you doing in California?
Well, it’s hard to complain when it’s 70 and sunny every day and there are palm trees out your window! I had to get used to driving everywhere but it’s actually pretty fun to listen to podcasts and music while you get from place to place. (Although I really miss the subway + people-watching!)

Why did you move away?
We moved to Los Angeles because my husband, Dan, was offered the position of Editor-in-Chief at the comedy site, Funny or Die. It seemed like an important career move for him so we decided to say a very sad goodbye to Brooklyn and move west. (As you might imagine, this was a terribly hard decision.)

Why did you choose Los Angeles?
Dan ran the New York Funny or Die office for a long time but they decided to close it down and move the whole team to the big LA office. All the writers from New York also moved to LA!

Are you still teaching in schools?
I’m looking for a job teaching drama that would start this coming fall. I’m open to teaching elementary school all the way to high school, so we’ll see where I end up! Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a school as special as P.S. 29 but but no school will ever replace all the kids, teachers, parents and administrators I was so lucky to get to know on Henry Street. 
I just don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t teach drama! (No sane person would ever hire me to teach math or science!)

• Is it hard to have a new baby in the house?
This is my favorite question. It IS hard to have a baby in the house! But it’s only hard some of the time and like most things that are hard, it’s also really rewarding. (They make babies really cute these days so even when Maisie’s screaming her head off, we still love her.)

• Are you going to write any more plays with your dad?
I hope so! We love working together. We usually write over holidays so I don’t see why we couldn’t continue our Lief + Lief productions!


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