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It’s Never too Early to Move It

Students movin’ it in the early morning hours of October 26.

By Cali Bohner (4-510) and Eden Schnee (4-521)

Move It, a special activity unique to P.S. 29, is a great way for students to get their energy out before school. Ms. Kathy Nobles, the school’s longtime physical education teacher, created Move It for kids to be physical and exercise with their families and friends. It takes place in the P.S. 29 school-yard approximately five times each year starting at 7:45 a.m, so families have 45 minutes to have fun and play activities such as flag football, soccer, jump rope and hula hoop. There is also room to just socialize with friends and family!

At the very end of each Move It, there is an optional dance activity called Zumba led by parent Cathy Beke. Ms. Nobles told us how much she loves to watch the kids during Zumba, especially because Cathy is really creative and entertains the kids with her dance moves. “Move It is a community builder because there is something for everyone,” Ms. Nobles says. You can follow the dance and have fun.

We also talked to two fourth graders about Move It: Sophie Rivas thinks it’s great for some kids who don’t play outside enough. “They can socialize with their friends, and it’s fun and entertaining.” Olive Solfrian likes how you can express yourself during Zumba, plus it helps a little during school.

Did you miss the last Move It on October 26? Fortunately, there’s one more before it gets cold. It will be on Wednesday, December 13. Ms. Nobles hopes more people than ever come to enjoy it. We hope so too. Move It is a great way to have fun!

We hope you try it!


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