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New! Math Coach & Intervention Enrichment Teacher

Math Coach & Intervention/Enrichment Teacher

We are thrilled to have Kim Van Duzer in her new position as Math Coach & Intervention/Enrichment Teacher this school year.  Kim has been a teacher at PS 29 for over ten years and has been devoting much of her time to Math instruction. If you missed Kim’s presentation during September’s Curriculum Evening, please find her very informative presentations below.

Math Presentation, Grades K-2

Math Presentation, Grades 3-5

Math Homework Workshop Presentation, Grades 1&2

Kim’s Parent Resources Recommendations

Youcubed is an organization found by Dr. Jo Boaler at Stanford University.  Youcubed is the home of the Week of Inspirational Math, and an organization focused in part on disseminating neuroscience research related to how children learn mathematics.  The parent resources section of the Youcubed site has a number of articles that are in line with our beliefs about teaching and learning math at PS 29.


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