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Bloom Again Bklyn Visits PS 29

Third-graders working with a BloomAgainBklyn staffer.

By Claudia Rothberg & Della Stern (5-504)

On a recent Wednesday morning, eight people from BloomAgainBklyn visited Ms. Lynn and Ms. Kaady’s third-grade class (3-414) to make bouquets for senior citizens in the Cobble Hill Senior Center, (CHSC).

BloomAgainBklyn is an organization that takes old flowers from local stores like Trader Joe’s and rearranges them in different ways to make them look nice for seniors in places like the CHSC. Students from Ms. Lynn’s class were put to work picking multiple color flowers from many different flower pots and making bouquets. Since it started in 2014, the group has given away thousands of flower arrangements and it has no plans of slowing down.

Ms. Lynn got BloomAgainBklyn to come so we wanted to know what her favorite part of the program is and why she wanted to bring them to the school. “I like watching flower arrangements get made. It made them (her 3rd grade class) happy.” Ms. Lynn says that she reached out to BloomAgainBklyn because she feels like even when you’re in 3rd grade, you still can make the world a better place by helping others.

We wanted to find out what the kids thought about BloomAgainBklyn too. Dylan, a girl in Ms. Lynn’s class, said that she likes what they are doing, and thinks it’s fun getting to help other people, as well as helping yourself become a better person. Andy, a boy in Ms. Lynn’s class, agrees with Dylan that it’s good to help people, and it makes you feel good.

Caroline Gates Anderson, the founder and head of BloomAgainBklyn was there and we were really interested in why she started this organization. “Flowers give me a lot of joy,” she told us. She thinks that giving flowers to others is a great way to connect with people. When she gives people flowers, it gives them joy. “I know in my heart that you’re supporting them, and they love it!” Tiang, a volunteer staff member at BloomAgainBklyn, told us that she likes working for the organization because she loves flowers, and she thinks giving flowers is like representing love. “I love sharing and helping people in need.”

All of the helpers from BloomAgainBklyn love seeing people enjoy flowers. The CHSC is happy that people care about them and want to help them. BloomAgainBklyn is bringing new life to flowers and joy to others!


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