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29 POST PODCAST: Behind the Scenes with Peter Pan

Actors at Peter Pan rehearsal.

Actors at Peter Pan rehearsal.

When it was first announced that P.S. 29’s beloved drama teacher, Mollie Lief, was not returning to the school in January after her maternity leave, many students feared that the fifth-grade play might be cancelled. 

Happily, the show will still go on….Emma Fitzpatrick, the school’s music teacher, is directing the school musical this spring with the help of third-grade teacher aka co-director Monica Salazar-Austin and fifth-grade teacher Adam Gerloff and substitute teacher Lourdes O’Keefe assisting with production. 

Rehearsals for the play, Peter Pan, are well underway and 29 Post reporters Dagmar Jeppesen (5-500) and Amelia Leone (5-504) went behind the scenes to find out how things are going so far. Listen to their report. This will be the first of a series of podcast reports on the making of the 5th grade play. Listen here and here for other recent 29 Post podcasts. 


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