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Attention Fifth-Grade! 


By Devin Waxman (5-505) and Eli Gordon (5-527)

For those of you who don’t know, the fifth-grade class had has our lunchroom privileges taken away. We’re not allowed to sit where we want with people from any class, as fifth-graders have always been allowed to do. But fifth-graders, we’ve got some good news for you: We spoke to Assistant Principal Dawn Pender about the situation. She said to us, “Okay, Now the lunch situation is not going to get better. In fact, when you guys were sitting by yourselves, the trash on the floor was worse, and it was louder.”  But she also suggested that we write a blog post that lays out steps that we can take to try to get our privileges back:

Step 1 on how to sit wherever we want: We need to quiet down, like two times quieter. We can talk, and we can talk loudly, but we can’t go screaming our heads off. If we do that, we are on the road to failure.

Step 2 on how to sit wherever we want: We need to THROW OUT THE TRASH! We can’t stress this enough! Throw out the trash! Ms. Pender said that if we switch tables and the trash is still on the floor, we will have to sit table-by-table again.

Step 3 on how to sit wherever we want: We need to stay in our seats. When we were sitting by ourselves, we would sit down, and if someone spilled water, kids would go to another table. Mrs. Pender says it can not happen. Try to stay in your seat.

Fellow fifth-graders: We need to follow these steps! If we do, we can get back our privileges by the end of March! So follow these steps and let’s get our lunch privilege back!


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