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Rebecca’s Letters from the 2016-17 School Year

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Rebecca’s Archived Letters 

February 26th, 2015

Dear Families,

It is with a deep sense of urgency that I ask for you to join us tomorrow morning for the PTA meeting at 8 AM in the auditorium.

The focus will be on the implications of Governor Cuomo’s education proposal that greatly impacts all of us – your children, our teachers, our school, and the state of education throughout this city, state, and country moving forward.

This is an opportunity to hear from me and our teachers as well as understand actions we can take to be heard. This movement has gained momentum over the last few weeks and it is critical that the PS 29 community keeps it going. This is a time-sensitive issue as it is tied to the New York State budget and must be voted on before April 1st.

As a community, the teachers have written a letter voicing their concerns in solidarity with PS 321 and many other schools throughout the district and state. I have attached the letter to this email – and I urge you to read it.


Read PS 29’s Teachers’ Letter.

October 19th, 2014

As we receive emails from the DOE we will keep you updated on any health news from the DOE. Please check the following links:

Dear Families,

As the weather turns cooler and we move into flu season, runny noses, sneezing and coughing will unavoidably start increasing among our students. There are some very easy steps that parents can take to help the school community minimize the commonplace viruses of winter. These guidelines may seem obvious but failure to heed them is at the heart of many unnecessary, low-grade illnesses that regularly afflict elementary schools!

* Get a flu shot;
* Wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds;
* Avoid touching eyes, noses and mouths with unwashed hands;
* Avoid kissing, hugging, and sharing cups or eating utensils with people who seem ill;
* Cover mouths and noses when coughing with a tissue or a sleeve, NOT your hands!;
* Disinfect frequently commonly touched surfaces, like toys and doorknobs;
* If your child is sick, please keep them at home

If all parents and children adopt these rules, we’ll be a much healthier school than if we all don’t! Please try to keep them in mind. Our school nurse, Nicolette Piaubert, is also available for questions. You can email her at For more general information, the Department of Education’s Office of School Health has a comprehensive set of resources.

Thanks for all you do to help make our community strong!

All best,

Rebecca Fagin

Welcome Back Message from Dr. Fagin

September 03, 2014

Dear Families,

I hope that you and your children enjoyed an incredible summer, filled with fun, exploration, and adventure. The school year will officially commence tomorrow morning, September 4th at 8:30 AM. Our staff has been diligently working to prepare for your children’s return. Our teachers have been meeting to refine our curriculum and to put the finishing touches on their classrooms in order to create the perfect ambience for learning and creative thinking. Carlos and our custodial team have been working tirelessly to ensure that the building and grounds are ready for the new school year.

While the end of summer is bittersweet, seeing so many familiar faces around the neighborhood and in the school yard reminds me of how fortunate we are to be part of such a remarkable community. As many of you know, my family and I moved from Harlem to Cobble Hill over the summer, and we couldn’t be happier. I’m thrilled that my older daughter, Ella, will be a kindergartener at PS29.

I want to welcome a number of new staff members who come to us with tremendous expertise and talents: Aurora Samuels in K; Rachel Cohen & Chelsea Proud in 1st grade; Lynn Manna in 2nd grade; Katie Ghoshhajra in 4th grade; and Elizabeth Stephens in 5th grade. We are also fortunate to welcome Emma Apsel who is taking over our beloved music program; Sharon Pacuk will join as another speech teacher; and Lauren Greenman will be joining our occupational therapy team. These are remarkable individuals and we feel so fortunate to have them join our instructional team.

In the last couple of months we have been working hard to improve upon and plan for more opportunities that support student voice: our school play, student newspaper, the Green Team, peer mediation, inquiry-based and student-led discussions and projects in our classrooms. We believe that there is greater investment and commitment when students are provided with opportunities to take charge of their own learning process.

We are so proud of our work in creating a coherent vertical social studies curriculum that incorporates service learning projects and inter-disciplinary connections across science, art, and other content areas. As you have probably heard me say, we believe that an inter-disciplinary approach sharpens the real-life context for our children and makes connections across disciplines explicit. We also believe that particularly in social studies, we have an opportunity to help our students make sense of the world and understand that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. We believe strongly in the idea of embedding service to this work– and the teaching of empathy, tolerance, and compassion as a way of connecting to the world.

We have sought after new organizations such as GoldMansour to help us better leverage the teacher partnerships (e.g., ICT, assistant teachers, paras, literacy interns, etc.) in our classrooms. This work, in turn, helps support our students with small group instruction that is more targeted to student needs. We also expanded “Fundations,” an explicit phonics program, beyond kindergarten into 1st grade, which supports our students with robust spelling and writing resources. We believe that this work coupled with our workshop model in literacy will create the kind of balance that will comprehensively support all of our students.

We have reflected on our arts collaborations with Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and STEM work with Salvadori, among so many other programs, to ensure that we are serving the disparate needs of our community and providing a balanced curriculum for our students in their earliest years of school life.

Finally, we have made some strong commitments to our work with integrating technology in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning and to improve the ways we communicate and exchange ideas as a professional community. I look forward to sharing these ideas with you over the first weeks of school.

As you may have heard, our students fared exceptionally well on the state exams. While we are thrilled about our students’ accomplishments and the impact of our teachers’ targeted instruction, we still share a collective sense of ambivalence around these tests, particularly their role in teacher evaluation and middle school admissions. I look forward to more dialogue around these issues (and the many others) in education policy that impact all of us.

I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the support of my administrative team. Monica Gutierrez-Kirwan, our Parent Coordinator, is the point person for anything at all. She will steer you in the right direction if you are not sure whom to contact for a particular problem or question. Please remember, too, that your child’s teacher is often your greatest resource. Dawn Pender and Halee Hochman are our assistant principals whose leadership and organizational minds provide a tremendous asset to PS 29. We will reach out over the first weeks to further introduce our instructional and support staff.

Thank you for all that you do to support your children and our school community.

Here’s to an exceptional 2014-2015,

June 28th, 2014

Dear Families,

It was a bittersweet goodbye yesterday particularly for our graduates and those families moving on, but we are still reveling in all of our accomplishments over the course of the year.

In just this past month, we saw our “Oliver Twist” production on stage – the culmination of incredibly hard work by our 5th graders who participated in every facet of the play from designing the set and costumes to acting and music. You might have heard that we received the highest award in the city for our recycling program called the Golden Apple Award & were featured in the news. This acknowledgement was well-deserved as our student-led Green Team truly took the reins over the recycling process raising awareness and building systems that support sustainability school-wide. Hopefully you had the opportunity to see the second edition to our school newspaper, 29 Post. All of these enriching opportunities and so much more would not be possible without your support. Thanks for all that you do for our students and PS 29.

We hope that you and your children have a happy, healthy summer vacation and get all the rest and rejuvenation needed for a strong return in the fall. The first day of school is Thursday, September 4th with a start time of 8:30 AM.

All the best,

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Dear Families,

As per the ratification of the new teachers’ contract last week, there will be a new start time of 8:30 AM & end time of 2:50 PM beginning next school year – pending NYC Department of Education (DOE) approval.

This is only 10 minutes earlier than our current start and end time, a change that we believe will better serve our school community than the default option of the NYC school system, which would require a start time between 8 and 8:20 AM. Since this decision was the outcome of an SBO (School-based Option) voted upon by our teachers yesterday in order to modify the contract – we are awaiting official DOE approval. We are told that the NYC DOE will officially approve this start time within the next few weeks.

While we believe that this SBO will be approved, this start time of 8:30 AM and end time of 2:50 PM beginning next school year will remain tentative until officially approved at which point we will inform families.

Thank you for your patience & understanding that these decisions are based on thoughtful deliberation and consideration of our students and the PS 29 school community.


March 28th, 2014

Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe that spring has arrived, particularly since this winter weather just won’t go away.

First, I’d like to congratulate Halee Hochman, who is now officially our assistant principal. Dawn and I are thrilled to have her on our administrative team, and she has so quickly and gracefully become an integral part of our community this school year. Halee’s instructional focus has included literacy and testing, and she works closely with our lower grade classrooms – among wearing a million other hats in her leadership at PS 29.

As I’m sure you’ve noted, your children have grown tremendously since September. Across all grades, they have become “researchers.” They are studying their neighborhood in Kindergarten distinguishing between needs and wants – a feat far more complex than one would think. In 1st grade, our students are about to begin their inter-disciplinary work with comparing and contrasting bugs. In 2nd grade, our students have begun the “essay” writing process – and are developing opinions or claims that are supported by evidence. In our upper grades, our students continue to take this work to the next level as they examine themes and ideas across multiple texts and media. Hopefully you were able to see our student-driven 4th grade research projects that are currently on display in the outer cafeteria. Our 5th graders are also engaged in an inter-disciplinary research project with Ms. Sperry in technology that ties in with their Civil War study in Social Studies.

It was exciting to see many of you at Super Science Saturday where we provided opportunities for our students to engage in the world of science thematically framed by our study of water. If you did not get a chance to see our 5th graders’ bridges that they constructed through the project-based, STEM work with the Salvadori Center, come take a look outside our auditorium where they are currently on display. Further, we will be holding our annual 5th grade science fair in a couple of weeks, so look out for those details as our students are excited to share their science investigations with you.

Our mission to apply these skills to the real world continues beyond the classroom. Our newspaper club developed rich interview questions for Carmen Farina, our new chancellor, and literally and figuratively “made news” in their visit to Tweed, as local newspapers and television stations have also captured this story. Our peer mediation program is in full swing. Students across grades are participating in real-life problem solving with the facilitation of their upper grade peers who are practicing life skills such as listening, paraphrasing, and supporting the process of thinking through alternative solutions to problems. We just finished our upper grade enrichment cycle. Students were exposed to ideas and skills outside of their everyday classroom curriculum. You might have witnessed some of their shared work on stage, through photographs in the slideshow or displayed in the outer cafeteria last week. Finally, a few days ago, we had our first 5th grade Play Fest whereby our students wrote original scripts – and the grown-ups including teachers, parents, and professional actors played different parts. This was a real celebration of the work that our students are doing in drama and the application of their work in writing over the years – as well as lovely way to bring together our students and families.

As we have been informing you, we are really excited about the work ahead with regard to technology. Our grant committee and parent volunteers have helped us acquire 2 new SmartBoards for our science classrooms. We are hoping that through the Participatory Budget process we will receive 12 more SmartBoards. This is the first time that PS 29 is on the ballot, so please make sure to get out your vote. For more information, refer to Monica’s and the PTA’s emails.

Finally, as always, we are so grateful for your partnership. Your commitment to PS 29 is beyond appreciated. The Coffee & Conversations across grades provided us with an opportunity to come together and hear your feedback. If you have not already done so, please make sure to complete the NYC School Survey – as we continue to value your input. We are hoping for 100% participation rate.

I look forward to sharing a spring full of renewal and rejuvenation.

We hope you can make it this evening for our annual Family Game Night, a light, fun way to end the week with your children.

Much gratitude,

January, 21st, 2014

Dear Families,

We have had quite a start to 2014! I write to you today on Martin Luther King’s birthday. While this day is often distinguished for our students as an extra day off from school, we also want to honor MLK as an extraordinary individual for his commitment to making the world a better place. As such, a number of families participated in A Day of Service at the Gowanus Canal assisting with environmental projects, including turning and sifting compost and street tree care.

As you know, Carmen Farina, a close friend to the 29 community and personal mentor to me, was appointed NYC School Chancellor. Carmen began her lifelong career in education as a teacher at PS 29 and visited us a couple of weeks ago in honor of returning to the place where it all began. PS 29 was featured on the front page of the NY Times last week in a profile on Carmen. Please look out for a story by our own 29 student reporters who interviewed Carmen during her visit and have scheduled a follow-up interview in the coming weeks.

At 29 we’re often trying to make the real-world connections more explicit. We’re striving to make curriculum more meaningful by creating more real-life opportunities. Our peer mediation program has recently been launched and both our mediators and those being mediated are beginning to understand more deeply how and why the collective effort at problem solving strengthens our community.

Our upper grade Cool Cluster enrichment cycle is in its second week; students are engaged in the study of web design, film, veterinary medicine, restaurant entrepreneurship, President Lincoln and more. Again, our mission is to expose students to the world around them beyond the walls of their classrooms. Our hope is that our students are challenged and inspired to ask deeper questions and consider a broader range of options and opportunities in their futures.

On Thursday last week, many of you joined us for Reading Morning in which our extraordinary team of teachers representing K through 5th grade presented our instructional philosophy. We discussed independent and instructional reading levels and the variety of assessments implemented (e.g., formal & informal, formative & summative). Our teachers presented running records for lower and upper grade students and shared the distinctions among bands of reading levels in terms of student behaviors, teachers’ expectations, and how families may best support their children at home. Our teachers spoke to the changing levels of complexity in character and plot as reading levels progress, and our handouts, which have been shared on our website, include the anchor Common Core Learning Standards for Reading, distinctions among levels, and a list of recommended texts that correspond with these levels.

We continue to think thoughtfully about content area instruction (e.g., social studies & science). As such, we have formed instructional teams that meet regularly outside of school to enhance instruction in these areas. We also believe that the advent of the newspaper and science inquiry clubs will deepen the non-fiction work that is being emphasized across reading and writing units in our classrooms.

As you may have learned from any one of our six Math Mornings across grades in the fall, we have put a lot of energy into refining our math curriculum. Understanding that the Common Core Learning Standards challenge us to teach for conceptual understanding, it is critical that our students focus on the application of these skills. As such, our 5th graders are in their third week of a Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) & Architecture collaboration with the Salvadori Center. Our students are compelled to think like mathematicians and scientists as they solve real-world problems, specifically traffic congestion in the Brooklyn-Queens corridor. They will ultimately work in teams to design bridges based on their new conceptual understanding. We also believe that our 2nd and 3rd graders’ chess collaborations offer our students the opportunity to apply life skills such as logic and critical thinking.

The arts at 29 are as strong as ever. You may have joined us for our Winter Arts Festival in December in which our drama, chorus, and visual arts programs featured student performances and showcases. We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday this week for our band performance. Also, if you have a moment, please take a look at the new murals on our Kane and Baltic entrances as well as each of the water fountains in the halls. Artist-in-residence, Pat Corrigan has recently completed his masterpieces. He worked with our students last spring on the magnet project around the school and shared his life experiences as an artist with many of our students. Finally, we have had some exceptional arts collaborations this school year: 1st graders completed a dance collaboration with the Brooklyn Arts Council that also incorporated social studies themes such as family and communication; 2nd graders completed their drama collaboration with Ms. Lief connecting their study of government in social studies to literacy, using the text, Where the Wild Things Are; 3rd graders are currently engaged in their drama collaboration with a literacy focus on fractured fairytales and will begin their collaboration with Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) with a strong connection to the study of Africa in the coming weeks; 4th graders completed their collaboration ballroom dance collaboration with Dancing Classrooms in the fall, having taken home a medal at the borough’s final dance match – and will begin their drama collaboration in the spring. Kindergarten and 5th graders have worked closely with Ms. Lief in drama, and we are looking forward to our school production of “Oliver Twist” at the end of May.

Please stay tuned for some new developments with respect to technology at PS 29. The technology initiative is complex, as it requires ongoing research and dialogue about which practices are most relevant and meaningful for enhancement of instruction in the classroom; thoughtful acquisition of ever-changing resources; and support for implementation of best practices. This is an area in which we are committed to develop. Thanks to our grant and technology committees for their dedication to this work.

Over the next several weeks, I will host Coffee & Conversations by grade – in which families are invited to join me and our administrative team in the auditorium at drop-off to discuss a range of topics relevant to your child’s grade. As I already emphasized in previous messages, your ideas are extremely important to us, so I’m asking that you please complete the following survey to inform the agendas at these meetings:

Thanks for all of your support of your children and PS 29, and I look forward to our coming months together.



January 17th, 2013

Dear Families,

We will be holding a series of grade-specific Coffee & Conversations beginning with 4th grade on January 30th. These meetings will be an opportunity for me to connect with families across the school & focus on topics, issues, and curriculum that is relevant to your child’s grade.

In planning these meetings, I would like to hear about areas that you would like to know more about. Please complete this quick survey & give us your ideas:

Please note the following dates – specific to each grade. The Coffee & Conversations will begin promptly in the auditorium at 8:45 AM and end at 9:30 AM.

4th – Thursday, 1/30
5th – Friday, 1/31
3rd – Monday, 2/3
2nd – Thursday, 2/6
1st – Tuesday, 2/11
K – Thursday, 2/13

Looking forward to connecting soon,

November 14, 2013

Dear Families,

We’re proud to inform you that PS 29 earned an A on the NYC Progress Report for 2012-2013.

Although we understand that this accountability system is not without flaws, we believe in the work that we’re doing & the acknowledgement is testament to the commitment and quality instruction of our teachers and staff members. Our students ought to be commended for their perseverance, good spirit, & hard work in spite of some of these high stakes accountability measures.

We are thankful to you – our families & larger community – for all of your support and respect for the work that we do at 29.

As you join us this week for conferences, please take a moment to celebrate this accomplishment. We will discuss the sections of the Progress Report and all of its implications within the next several weeks at one of our upcoming PTA meetings.

All the best,

Here is a link to the Progress Report for PS 29!

November 13, 2013

Dear Families,

I wanted to thank you for supporting our School-wide Read Aloud program which allows each of our teachers the opportunity to introduce their students to a common text – across grades and the entire school. Sharing a text allows for shared experiences with literacy beyond the classroom and grade level.

As educators, we spend a great deal of time making sense of what constitutes a “good school.” Our commitment to the 4R’s curriculum and deep sense of community in each of our classrooms and our building as a whole demonstrates the value that we place at PS 29 on acts of kindness. Jacqueline Woodson’s Each Kindness opens our minds to the missed opportunities for kindness in our lives.

The book is set in a timeless school community in which the arrival of the new kid, Maya, with her “old and ragged” clothing and “strange food she brought for lunch” challenges the other students who ultimately opt out of befriending her. The story is told from the first person compelling the reader to reflect on his/her own experiences with opportunities (and, in this case, missed opportunities) for acting with compassion, kindness, and integrity.

Like so many other schools across the country, we are striving to create a bully-free environment by teaching social emotional learning through literature and real-life context. Likewise, we are proud to launch our student-driven Peer Mediation program at the end of the month by which some of our 4th & 5th graders will be leading the effort toward greater compassion & kindness at our school.

Thanks to the Diversity Committee & others who recommended Each Kindness. We look forward to the variety of ways our students can respond to the text through character, inferential work and beyond. Look out for student work in response to this text. We hope that by sharing Each Kindness across the school, our students will collectively consider their own opportunities for being kinder and reflect on the missed opportunities as a way to ultimately become better people.


October 23, 2013

Dear Families,

At this point, you’ve visited us for our Curriculum Mornings throughout September & heard about the teaching & learning at 29 from your teachers directly. You’ve seen the layout of the classroom and value that we place on classroom environment from the work on the walls to the instructional charts, routines, & systems in place to support your children. You may have learned about the deep intention and thought behind the placement of furniture, easel, rug – even the color coordination in the classroom may be purposeful.

We loved seeing you for our first Families as Learning Partners a few weeks ago. In the lower grades, you had the opportunity to read with your children & learn about the systems in place to support our students with leveled texts, for example. In second grade and beyond, you saw the fusion of Social Studies with literacy (& math) as students applied map skills in 2nd & 3rd grade, made inferences based on text & images in 4th grade, & distinguished within & among the branches of government in 5th grade. The shifts in 2nd & 3rd grade from learning to read to reading to learn are evident as your children learn content and read from texts that are more complex. There will be several more Families as Learning Partners throughout the year when you will have the opportunity to visit classrooms.

As we have reached mid-October & are full-swing into the school year, please note our upcoming Math Morning events that will be held within the next couple of weeks for each grade – beginning tomorrow with 4th & 5th grade. Though expectations increase in complexity from one grade to the next, our math curriculum aligned to the Common Core Standards places emphasis across grades on conceptual understanding and procedural fluency (e.g., basic math facts). During Math Morning, you will learn how our students are asked to articulate their thinking and explain their process for coming to a solution. You will understand how we value the application of math skills to real-life context & when appropriate we make inter-disciplinary connections to lift the level of meaning, engagement, and rigor.

As you know, each grade will be holding its own Math Morning session with families. We ask that following each Math Morning, you please complete a “Feedback Form” so that we can continue to inform and support you with understanding our curriculum. Please note that our parent coordinator, Monica Gutierrez-Kirwan, will be posting handouts from Math mornings on the website.

Finally, we also look forward to seeing you in a few weeks for our November Parent Teacher Conferences. Dismissal for all students will be at 12 noon on Thursday, November 14th in order to accommodate these conferences. Please note that you will be hearing from teachers to schedule your individual conference day and time. You will also receive an official letter from the school providing information about the conferences.

Hope to see you soon,

September 7, 2013

Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe that the 2013-2014 school year begins on Monday, September 9th. We have been working tirelessly to prepare the school for opening – and we’re so excited to see your children’s faces. Our teachers have been hard at work to make the classrooms beautiful. Floors are glistening, thanks to the custodial staff. Summer is a gift to educators – a time to renew and re-energize, and we’re feeling ready and prepared for the challenges of a new school year.

I want to welcome Halee Hochman, our new interim assistant principal, who was formerly the literacy coach at PS 41. Halee comes to us with many talents and areas of expertise. Dawn and I are thrilled that she will be part of the administrative and instructional team.

I’d also like to welcome our new drama teacher, Mollie Lief, who will be building a theater program and working with Kindergarten through 5th grade this school year. Mollie’s role will strengthen our commitment to the arts. I’m certain that her contribution will develop and deepen our children’s talents.

As I’m sure you’re hearing, there are many changes taking place in NYC public schools today. We embark on our second year of Common Core-aligned standardized exams. Our school performed well with over 70% of our students reaching proficiency in both ELA and Math. We have earned recognition as one of the top schools in Brooklyn and NYC based on these test scores. We are extremely proud of our students and teachers. We recognize, however, that one assessment does not adequately tell the story of a child’s academic success. For this reason, the work that happens every day in the classroom is most meaningful and significant.

More than ever before, we are focusing on individualized intervention strategies for our students – and have been hard at work in the past week engaging in professional development through collaboration with Fundations (an early grade phonemic awareness program) and NYU on Executive Functioning skills – all of which will ultimately improve our practice in building the foundational skills for all of our students.

We are committed to providing a rigorous curriculum at 29. We have been working hard to strengthen instruction in the content areas. Our teachers have been thoughtfully thinking through our Social Studies, Math & Science curriculum. We believe that an inter-disciplinary approach sharpens the real-life context for our children and makes connections across disciplines explicit. Further, we hope to integrate technology in meaningful ways to increase student engagement and deepen the work when and where appropriate. It is our hope that your children come home excited to talk about what they’re learning in school and we look forward to sharing our curriculum with you throughout the school year.

As our students become more independent, we would like to empower and equip them to take the reins of their learning through leadership opportunities. We are thrilled about the inception of our peer mediation program this year in which we have taken the social emotional learning work at 29 to the next level with our students as leaders, taking charge of problem solving and applying the skills we have been practicing over the years in real-life, student-to-student context.

We embark on this school year with another fundamental shift in NYC schools, and that is our teacher and principal evaluation system. While we continue to be an intellectual community that engages in difficult discussion around some of these shifts, we also embrace the ideals behind some of this change – such that school leaders are required to spend the majority of time in the classrooms alongside students and teachers. I speak for our team in saying that we’re looking forward to this challenge. It is the classroom experience that inspired me to become a school leader. That being said, the school leaders will be extremely busy and appreciate your support and understanding of the work that we will need to do. I cannot stress enough the value of communicating directly with your teachers – while appreciating that these individuals spend the majority of their professional time with your children and may not respond to email for 24 to 48 hours.

Monica Gutierrez-Kirwan, our Parent Coordinator, is vital for our school. We urge you to contact Monica for anything at all. She is our point person and will steer you in the right direction if you are not sure who to contact for a particular problem or question.

I am proud to say that we have also been working hard to make the roles of our nearly 100 educators at 29 more transparent ; we will be using our revamped website to better communicate who we are and what we do. Thanks to our technology committee for leading the charge of our soon-to-be launched new and revamped website.

We look forward to sharing stories of the miles we’ve traveled and the milestones we’ve celebrated over the past couple of months away from school, and we’re eager to hear about your children’s adventures and the stories they’ll tell.

As always, I’m here for all of you and am so proud of our school and community. Thanks for all that you do to support your children and PS 29 every day.

All the best and here’s to 2013-2014,