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29 Post Blog: Hidden Figures: A Review


By Juliette Baenziger (5-506), Emily Landis (5-505) and Sophie Landis (5-504)

On February 2, the fifth grade went on a field trip to see the film, Hidden Figures.

The movie, based on a true story, is about three African-American women working at NASA, right after the Civil Rights movement. Nicholas Napoli from class 5-506 said “It was cool to learn about people who had such an important role, but we didn’t know about them until now.”

These women were persistent when the people around them were racist and sexist. At that time NASA was competing with the Soviet Union to get the first man launched into space, they were under a lot of stress, but for these women, it was ridiculous. Imagine a place where you don’t feel accepted, a lot of us would just want to leave that place, but these women stayed there and fought against racist and sexist ideas.

These women are amazing because they were the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit. Mary Jackson, Katherine G. Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan are the main characters. John Glenn wanted the best person on the job, and he didn’t care if she was an African-American woman. Dorothy Vaughn was trying to get herself the job of being a supervisor, because she was already acting like one, but wasn’t getting paid that level of money. Mary Jackson was trying to become an engineer, but was told that she needed extra classes that white men didn’t need to take. But then the people running the school wouldn’t let her take the classes and then she ended up going to court. And Katherine at first had to put her boss’s name on her math work and give him the credit but fought to be able to put her name on it since it was all her math.

We think this movie was a great choice for a field trip! It showed that even if you are a woman, you can’t let people who disagree with you stop you from doing what you want. Dorothy, Mary, and Katherine all showed this courage when other people judged them based on their gender and race. The women didn’t let that bother them though. They kept on going in their own way and they eventually proved how good they were. This was an inspiring movie.



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