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The 2017 Block Party


Outgoing PTA President Allison Leale at the Block Party.

By Devin Waxman (5-505) and Eli Gordon (5-527)

The P.S. 29 Block Party took place this past June 2. One of the school’s most beloved annual events, this year’s Block Party featured more rides, games and entertainment than ever before. P.S. 29 PTA member Jo Waxman did the hard work of getting the sponsors for the block party this year. The block party this year has almost twice as many sponsorships as last year.

This was also the last Block Party that PTA president Allison Leale oversaw, before a new PTA president starts next fall. This is important to her because she wants to end off with a bang. We interviewed Allison, and she had some interesting things to say. 

We asked her how this process of organizing this block party affected her as it was her last year of being PTA president: “This year’s Block Party was A LOT of work. Since it was going to be the last one I planned and also the last one for [my son] Sean, I wanted to make it better than ever. That’s why we brought back the pirate ship and photo booth plus we doubled the amount of cotton candy and snow cones.”

We asked her how this year’s block party was different from past years:  “Nothing was really different this year from past parties. We tried to be more organized on the back-end and also tried to streamline the food so that families did not have to wait on line for a long time to feed their kiddies. I think it was a success! We also brought back the very popular tamales made by 29 mom, Lourdes Balbuena and the awesome playlist from Mr. Berns.”

Allison also considered the event a big success because there were more sponsors than ever, including, “Jessica Henson for Compass, Curated Care, Kids in the Game, Ridgewood Savings Bank, Champions TKD, Cobblestone Foods, Vendome Cafe, Joe’s Coffee, Damascus, Darna, Soul Spot, Bococa Dental, House or Orthodontia, & Everyday Athlete.”

Thanks to all the sponsors and to the PTA for arranging this great event, and 5th graders should remember that P.S. 29 graduates are always welcome!

The very-popular food table at the Block Party

The very-popular food table at the Block Party

Just what are those parents mixing?

Just what are those parents mixing?


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